CMS detector upgrade projects

source: CMS/CERN

Our group is strongly involved in two phases of the CMS detector upgrade.

phase I upgrade is scheduled for the years 2016-2017. In this phase we are involved in building a new pixel detector for CMS which will be able to operate efficiently until the beginning of phase II.
In collaboration with CMS groups at RWTH Aachen, KIT Karlsruhe and DESY, we are responsible for building the 4th layer of this device.

The phase II upgrade is foreseen around 2020. For this project our focus lies on the upgrade of the full CMS tracking detector. Our group is a member of the Central European Consortium (CEC), which is an R&D project within CMS for the development of radiation hard silicon sensor modules for the high luminosity phase of the Large Hadron Collider (HL-LHC). Our research is focussed on systematically studying different silicon wafer materials, thicknesses and production technologies with the aim to identify a technology suited for the outer tracker of CMS for the HL-LHC. After identifying the wafer technology, prototype detector modules will be built as a step towards modules for the upgraded CMS tracker.