The MADMAX Experiment

The Magnetized Disc and Mirror Axion experiment (MADMAX) is designed to detect a new particle called the Axion. Axions are extremely well motivated particles beyond the Standard Model because they can solve the strong CP-problem and serve as a Dark Matter (DM) candidate.

The MADMAX experiment relies on the principle that axions can produce electromagnetic radiation at the transition between two non-conducting materials with different refractive index. The produced electromagnetic field will be very weak even if an extremely strong magnetic field is used. Therefore in the MADMAX experiment multiple dielectric discs are used simultaneously to obtain a stronger signal. The arrangement of the dielectric discs is also used to amplify the produced electromagnetic signal. Scanning many different axion masses in the experiment will require different positions of the dielectric discs.

List of research institutes currently participating in the project:

  • CEA-IRFU, Saclay, France
  • DESY, Hamburg
  • MPI for Physics, Munich
  • MPI for Radio Astronomy, Bonn
  • University of Hamburg
  • University of Zaragoza, Spain

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Selected Publications: