Measurement of Top Quark Mass and Jet Energy Scale at the CMS Experiment using the Ideogram Method

Markus Seidel
Dec 2011

Thesis Type:

This thesis presents a simultaneous measurement of the top quark mass and jet energy scale in proton-proton collisions at a center-of-mass energy of $\sqrt{s}=7\mbox{ TeV}$ using data taken with the CMS detector. Top quark pair events in the muon+jets decay channel are selected. The top quark mass ($m_{t}$) and the jet energy scale (JES) are extracted from the data with a 2D ideogram method taking into account their correlations and minimizing the systematic uncertainty on the top quark mass. With an integrated luminosity of $1.1\mbox{ fb}^{-1}$, values of $m_{t}=173.1\pm1.3\mbox{ (stat+JES)}\pm1.1\mbox{ (syst) GeV}$ and $\mbox{JES}=1.014\pm0.012\mbox{ (stat)}\pm0.010\mbox{ (syst)}$ are measured.

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