Search for New Physics Phenomena with the CMS Detector

source: CMS/CERN

Since the establishment of the Standard Model (SM) of particle physics during the 1970s, it is known that this theory can not be the complete theory of the fundamental building blocks of nature. For this reason, experimental hints of new phenomena predicted by new physics theories beyond the SM (BSM) have been searched for at all high-energy colliders in the past. So far without any significant indication of a deviation from the SM prediction. With the start of the LHC with its enormous center-of-mass energy a new window to study the fundamental interactions in nature has been opened, in particular the interesting energy region around 1 TeV is experimentally accessible.

In our group we contribute to the quest for physics beyond the SM by searching for phenomena predicted by a diversity of new physics models in the data of the CMS experiment. From the search for a hypothetical fourth generation of fermions, the search for new particles coupling to quarks and leptons to the search for heavy particles decaying to the heaviest SM particle, the top quark.

In this area a DFG-funded Emmy-Noether group led by Dr. A. Hinzmann works on the search signatures of new physics involving boosted bosons.