Prof. Dr. Erika Garutti


I am interested in designing, building and commissioning detectors at the technology frontier. Part of my research is to apply the most modern techniques in silicon detectors and integrated readout electronics to the needs of the particle physics experiments operating at the highest possible energies and for the highest possible luminosity and precision reach.
I am also seeking the possibility to apply this knowledge to other fields like detectors for medical applications and photon science.
I believe the strengths of my group are in maximizing interdisciplinary exchange and cross-field fertilization between the various field of our research. The group is involved in detector development and fundamental detector physics studies in the frame of CMS, ILC/CLIC, XFEL, and PET detectors.

Ten most relevant publications:

  1. Construction and Commissioning of the CALICE Analog Hadron Calorimeter Prototype
  2. Status report on silicon photomultiplier development and its applications
  3. Electromagnetic response of a highly granular hadronic calorimeter
  4. Validation of GEANT4 Monte Carlo Models with a Highly Granular
    Scintillator-Steel Hadron Calorimeter
  5. Impact of low-dose electron irradiation on n+p silicon strip sensors
  6. Trapping in proton irradiated p+-n-n+ silicon sensors at fluences
    anticipated at the HL-LHC outer tracker
  7. Influence of X-ray irradiation on the properties of the Hamamatsu silicon
    photomultiplier S10362-11-050C
  8. Silicon Photomultiplier characterization and radiation damage investigation for high energy particle physics applications
  9. Overview on calorimetry
  10. Characterization studies of Silicon Photomultipliers and crystals matrices for
    a novel time of flight PET detector