First Candidates of Top Quark Events in the Fully Hadronic Decay Channel at the LHC

Eike Schlieckau
Oct 2010

Thesis Type:

The ambitious challenge of rediscovering fully hadronically decaying top quark pairs with six jets in the final state is an important milestone to demonstrate the good understanding of the detector in reconstructing this complex process and in being able to separate this desired signal from the overwhelming QCD multi-jet background. Being able to reconstruct fully hadronically decaying top quark pairs it seems feasible to reconstruct even more complex structures from physics beyond the Standard Model of Particle Physics, too. The whole process of the selection will be studied with two different jet reconstruction techniques to show the usability and the benefits of using the Particle Flow reconstruction instead of the classical jet reconstruction only taking into account information from the calorimeters. In the end, the first candidates of fully hadronically decaying top quark pairs from the first 3.1 pb$^{−1}$ of CMS data at a center of mass energy of 7 TeV will be presented.

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