From High Energy Physics to Medical Application: CT-Scanning with a CMS Pixel Detector

Severin Diederichs
Dec 2016

Thesis Type:

In this thesis, a CMS phase I single chip pixel detector and a PHYWE XR 4.0 X-Ray machine have been used to develop a micro-CT scanner. This hybrid silicon pixel detector is able to measure both the intensity and the energy of the incoming X-ray photons. The measured photon energy enables to investigate algorithms for spectral CT imaging. In the course of this thesis, a program was developed to reconstruct tomographic images from the acquired data. The setup parameters, e.g. X-ray tube voltage and current, and the measurement time, are optimized and various corrections are applied to improve the image quality. The quality of the reconstructed tomographic images was estimated using simple phantoms. The performance of the system was validated by imaging small insects.