Light yield characterization of new design tiles for the AHCAL

Saiva Huck
Nov 2016

Thesis Type:

In this thesis, the light yield of single channels for the CALICE Analog Hadron Calorimeter
(AHCAL) has been investigated and compared. The single channels consist of
29.60 mm×29.60 mm×2.98 mm plastic scintillator tiles which are wrapped in reflective
material and coupled to Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPM). They are meant to act as the
active layers in the hadron calorimeter of a planned Linear Collider detector.
In the course of this thesis, the SiPMs as well as the type of plastic used as scintillator and
the wrapping material have been varied and the performance of the different combinations
as single channels have been compared in view of several properties with a focus on the
light yield in order to determine the optimal single channels for the AHCAL with respect
to the requirements for the light yield.
The light yield has been measured using electrons from a 90Sr source at DESY in the
Institute for Experimental Physics of the University of Hamburg.

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