Particle Reconstruction at the LHC using Jet Substructure Algorithms

Denis Rathjens
Dec 2011

Thesis Type:

The LHC-era with $\sqrt{s} = 7$ TeV allows for a new energy-regime to be accessed. Heavy mass-resonances up to 3.5 TeV/c$^2$ are in reach. If such heavy particles decay hadronically to much lighter Standard Model particles such as top, Z or W, the jets of the decay products have a sizeable probability to be merged into a single jet. The result is a boosted jet with substructure. This diploma thesis deals with the phenomena of boosted jets, algorithms to distinguish substructure in these jets from normal hadronization and methods to further improve searches with boosted jets. The impact of such methods is demonstrated in an example analysis of a Zā€™ā†’ $t\bar{t}$-scenario on 2 fb$^{āˆ’1}$ of data.

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