Author Title Date Thesis Type
Arne Reimers Searching for Heavy Particles Coupled to Top Quarks with CMS Jun 2020 PhD
Tobias Lösche Studying deep neural network (DNN) architectures for improving sensitivity in ttH(bb) single lepton channel at the CMS Experiment Jun 2020 Master
Nils Gerber Automating machine learning in particle physics Mar 2020 Bachelor
Johannes Lange Measurement of the top quark mass in the all-jets final state at √s = 13 TeV and combination with the lepton+jets channel Mar 2020 PhD
Nino Ehlers Search for pair-produced LQs decaying into top quarks and muons with the full Run 2 dataset from the CMS Experiment Feb 2020 Master
Lukas Eikelmann Improving Dark Matter Detection at the LHC with Quark-Gluon Discrimination Feb 2020 Bachelor
Tim Weber Anomaly Detection using Autoencoders in Experimental Particle Physics Jan 2020 Master
Hermann Frost Deep Capsule Networks for Particle Reconstruction at the LHC Jan 2020 Bachelor
Dennis Einfeldt Calibration of light yield using various SiPMs for HGCAL Dec 2019 Bachelor
Ole Brandt Detectors for Functional Medical Imaging Dec 2019 PhD
Marcel Patsch New Unfolding Methods Using CycleGANs Nov 2019 Bachelor
Ronja vom Schemm Latent Space Representations of Calorimeter Data Nov 2019 Bachelor
Haron Shaker Measurement of dijet angular distribution with CMS Nov 2019 Bachelor
Jan Skottke Measurement of Jet Substructure in Boosted Top Quark Decays at CMS Nov 2019 Master
Henrik Jabusch Constraints of Leptoquark Models with CMS Data Nov 2019 Master
David Leppla-Weber Search for excited quark states decaying to qW/qZ with the CMS experiment Nov 2019 Bachelor
Philipp Rincke Long-Lived Particle Reconstruction with Reinforcement Learning Oct 2019 Bachelor
Matthias Czimmeck Suche nach einer Z' Resonanz mit dem CMS Experiment Oct 2019 Bachelor
Torben Dreyer First measurement of the jet mass in events with highly boosted top quarks and studies with top tagging at CMS Oct 2019 PhD
Sara Kinga Swietek Measurement of the Trapping Times of Electrons and Holes in Radiation-Damaged Silicon Sensors with Alpha Particles and Red Laser Pulses Oct 2019 Bachelor
Jörn Bach Understanding Network Decisions Sept 2019 Bachelor
Florian Otterpohl Systematic Uncertainties and Neural Networks Sept 2019 Bachelor
Daniel Gonzalez Vazquez Search for single vector-like quarks with the CMS detector Sep 2019 PhD
Nathan Prouvost Search for di-Higgs final states in LHC Sep 2019 Bachelor
Nikos Lorenz Phasenraumoptimierte Topquark-Massenmessung beim LHC Sep 2019 Bachelor
Munira Khan Lorentz-invariante Observablen zur Topquark-Massenmessung am LHC Sep 2019 Bachelor
Tobias Kramer Search for Higgs decays to muons in associated production with a leptonically decaying vector boson Aug 2019 Master
Zhiyuan He Reconstruction techniques for long-lived particles in CMS calorimeters Aug 2019 Master
Mathis Frahm Search for pair-produced leptoquarks decaying into electrons and top quarks with the CMS experiment Aug 2019 Bachelor
Saiva Huck Investigations of muon detection with the CALICE Analog Hadron Calorimeter Jul 2019 Master
Simon Leiss Better Top Quark Identification with Lorentz Vectors and Deep Learning Jul 2019 Master
Erik Buhmann Deep Learning based Energy Reconstruction for the CALICE HCAL Jul 2019 Master
Simon Schnake Energy regression with deep learning in particle collider physics Jun 2019 Master
Fayez Bajjali Calibration and Data Analysis of RD53A Silicon Pixel Readout Chip May 2019 Bachelor
Camilo Daza Barrios Transfer learning for particle physics Mar 2019 Bachelor
Sven Bollweg Verständnis systematischer Unsicherheiten von neuronalen Netzwerken in der Physik Jan 2019 Bachelor
Christopher Matthies Study of Single Boosted Top-Quark Production at the CMS Experiment Dec 2018 Master
Colin Frunder Constraining systematic effects of top quark mas measurements from data Nov 2018 Master
Steffen Albrecht Search for new physics in vector boson scattering with the CMS experiment in the all-jets final state Oct 2018 Master
Benjamin Lutz Dunkle Materie mit neuen langlebigen Teilchen am LHC Sep 2018 Bachelor
Alexander Paasch Improving the Jet Mass Reconstruction in Highly Boosted Top Quark Decays Sep 2018 Bachelor
Christian Scharf Radiation damage of highly irradiated silicon sensors Jul 2018 PhD
Torben Lange Application of Deep Neural Networks in a Top Quark Mass Measurement at the LHC Apr 2018 Master
Malte Mrowietz Identifying signatures of and designing searches for unexplored SUSY models with the CMS detector Apr 2018 Master
Andriy Borovkov Image Classification with Deep Learning Apr 2018 Master
Alexandra Tews Track Reconstruction Performance for Semi-Stable Charged Particles at CMS Apr 2018 Master
Nataliia Kovalchuk Top quark mass measurement and color effects at the LHC Mar 2018 PhD
Daniele Marconi Search for Supersymmetric Particles from VFB-like processes with two Tau-Leptons with same sign charges at CMS Mar 2018 PhD
Rosmarie Wirth Über die Anwendung neuronaler Netze zur Messung der Top Quark Masse am LHC Mar 2018 Bachelor
Lisa Mickel Stealth Supersymmetry Search at the CMS Experiment using Jet Flavour Tagging and Machine Learning Techniques Mar 2018 Bachelor
Carina Brandt Machine learning in ditau mass reconstruction in the semileptonic final state at the LHC Feb 2018 Master
Marc Stöver Search for third-generation scalar leptoquarks with the CMS experiment Jan 2018 PhD
Paul Asmuss A Concept for the Search for Heavy Stable Charged Particles with the CMS Tracking System Dec 2017 Diploma/Master
Emanuele Usai Searches for Heavy Resonances in All-Jet Final States with Top Quarks Using Jet Substructure Techniques with the CMS Experiment Dec 2017 PhD
Milan Zvolský Simulation, Image Reconstruction and SiPM Characterisation for a Novel Endoscopic Positron Emission Tomography Detector Nov 2017 PhD
Alexander Fröhlich Search for a Singly Produced Excited Bottom Quark Decaying to a Top Quark and W Boson at $\sqrt{s}$ =13TeV with the CMS Experiment Nov 2017 Diploma/Master
Felice Pantaleo New Track Seeding Techniques for the CMS Experiment Nov 2017 PhD
Bogdan Wiederspan Investigation of the influence of the photo current on the characteristics of a radiation damaged silicon pad diode Nov 2017 Bachelor
Martin Weberpals Determination of the p-spray doping profile of n+p silicon sensors using a MOSFET Oct 2017 Bachelor
Tobias Lösche Automated characterization of silicon photomultipliers from pulse height spectra using python Oct 2017 Bachelor
Elena Maria Donegani Energy-Dependent Proton Damage in Silicon Oct 2017 PhD
Björn Tiedemann Search for Evidence of a Hidden Valley Supersymmetric Model in fully hadronic final States at the CMS Detector Sep 2017 Bachelor
Dennis Schwarz Measurement of the Jet Mass Distribution in Boosted Top Quark Decays Sep 2017 Diploma/Master
Melanie Eich Kinematic Fits in $t\bar{t}$ Resonance Searches Sep 2017 Diploma/Master
Rowina Caspary Prospects for $t\bar{t}$h production with dimuonic Higgs decay at the LHC Aug 2017 Bachelor
Mareike Meyer Search for Leptoquarks and Dark Matter in final states with top quarks at the CMS experiment Jul 2017 PhD
Heiner Tholen Search for single production of a heavy vector-like T quark decaying to a top quark and a Higgs boson with the CMS Experiment Jul 2017 PhD
Nino Ehlers Fluence dependence of the dark current of Neutron Irradiated SiPMs Jul 2017 Bachelor
Dominik Nowatschin Search for vector-like quarks using jet substructure with the CMS experiment Jul 2017 PhD
Annika Vanhoefer Search for Lepton-Flavour Violating Decays of the Higgs Boson at the LHC May 2017 PhD
Lars Böhm 2-Jettiness in der Top-Quark Massenrekonstruktion Mar 2017 Bachelor
Jan Skottke Bestimmung der Misidentifikationsrate der Elektronen in der LQ-Suche Mar 2017 Bachelor
Bastian Lunow Coincidence Time Resolution of a Mini-PET Read Out with STiC Chip Mar 2017 Bachelor
Ioannis Kopsalis Surface Effects in Segmented Silicon Sensors Jan 2017 PhD
Finn Feindt Edge-TCT for the Investigation of Radiation Damaged Silicon Strip Sensors Dec 2016 Diploma/Master
Severin Diederichs From High Energy Physics to Medical Application: CT-Scanning with a CMS Pixel Detector Dec 2016 Bachelor
Benedict Tohermes Investigation of edge effects of radiation damaged silicon pad diodes Dec 2016 Bachelor
Malte Hoffmann Search for the decay of a heavy Higgs boson decaying to two light Higgs bosons using a kinematic fit Nov 2016 PhD
Saiva Huck Light yield characterization of new design tiles for the AHCAL Nov 2016 Bachelor
Eugen Trapp Development of an Algorithm for identifying hadronically decaying $W^\pm$ , $Z^0$ and Higgs Bosons at CMS Nov 2016 Diploma/Master
Jens Multhaup Studie zur Suche angeregter Top-Quarks mit Hilfe des CMS-Experiments bei $\sqrt{s}$ = 13 TeV Oct 2016 Diploma/Master
Anna Benecke Search for a heavy spin-1 resonance Z′ decaying into a top quark and a vector-like T′ at $\sqrt{s} = 13$ TeV with the CMS experiment Oct 2016 Diploma/Master
Svenja Nadine Sonder Dark Current of Neutron Irradiated SiPMs/ Untersuchung des Dunkelstroms neutronenbestrahlter SiPMs Oct 2016 Bachelor
Christoph Garbers Measurement of the Top Quark Mass in the Muon+Jets Final State at √s = 13 TeV Oct 2016 Diploma/Master
Tobias Kramer Towards a search for Dark Matter using energy loss measurements in the CMS tracking detector Sep 2016 Bachelor
Phuoc Thien Le Multivariate Analysetechniken zur Supersymmetriesuche am LHC Sep 2016 Bachelor
Timo Christian Lohrmann Search for lepton flavour violating Higgs decays - Suche nach leptonfamilienzahl-verletzenden Higgs-Zerfällen Sep 2016 Bachelor
Michael Sergej Nitschke Characterization of Silicon Photomultipliers Before and After Neutron Irradiation Jul 2016 Diploma/Master
Moritz Wolf Study of the dimuon Higgs decay in associated W-Higgs production Jul 2016 Bachelor
Michael Hufschmidt Data Analysis of High Precision Capacitance Measurements of Large Area pn-Diodes Jun 2016 Bachelor
Tim Christensen Search for third-generation leptoquarks decaying fullhadronic into a top quark and tau-lepton Jun 2016 Bachelor
André Schmalfeld Measurement of $t\bar{t}$ cross sections in the muon+jets final state in pp collisions at 13 TeV May 2016 Diploma/Master
Arne-Christoph Reimers Search for Pair-Produced Scalar Leptoquarks Decaying into Top-Quarks and Muons at √s=13TeV with the CMS Experiment May 2016 Diploma/Master
Sayed Hoseini Massenrekonstruktion des T'→tH/tZ Zerfalls in Suchen nach neuer Physik bei CMS Apr 2016 Bachelor
Teresa Lenz A search for new heavy particles in events with highly ionising, short tracks at the CMS experiment Apr 2016 PhD
Daniele Cortinovis Characterization studies and prototyping for a novel Positron Emission Tomography detector Apr 2016 PhD
Tobias Lapsien Studies of top tagging identification methods and development of a new heavy object tagger Apr 2016 PhD
Steffen Neutsch Jet-Eigenschaften in Top-Quark Ereignissen Apr 2016 Bachelor
Julian Zeyn Higgs-Zerfälle in T-Leptonen am LHC Mar 2016 Bachelor
Lucas Schneider Fehlender Transversalimpuls in der Higgs-Rekonstruktion Mar 2016 Bachelor
Hendrik Elvers Rekonstruktion der Top-Quark Masse unter Berücksichtigung der Zerfallslänge und Eigenzeit der B-Mesonen Mar 2016 Bachelor
Martin Meisel In-situ calibration of the Jet Energy Scale in tt-events/ In-situ Kalibrierung der Jet-Energie-Skala in tt-Ereignissen Mar 2016 Bachelor
Jan Oliver Rieger Tau Leptons as Probe for Higgs and Z Boson Physics at the LHC Mar 2016 Diploma/Master
Arne Rasmus Dräger Prediction of the $t\bar{t}$ and W+Jets Background in a Search for New Physics with Jets and Missing Transverse Energy at CMS Feb 2016 PhD
Johann Heinrich Dittmer Suche nach schweren Higgs-Teilchen in Endzuständen mit Z-Bosonen und b-Quarks Feb 2016 Bachelor
Svenja Josephine Westermann Decay angles and their impact on the top quark mass reconstruction - Zerfallswinkel und ihre Auswirkungen auf die Rekonstruktion der Top Quark Masse Jan 2016 Bachelor
Sarah Schröder Commissioning of a prototype hadronic calorimeter Dec 2015 Diploma/Master
Matteo Centis Vignali Silicon Sensors for the Upgrades of the CMS Pixel Detector Dec 2015 PhD
Caroline Niemeyer QCD effects in top-quark physics at LHC Nov 2015 Diploma/Master
Andreas Ditte Search for vector-like T’ quarks in single-procuction mode with "all-hadronic final states" Sep 2015 Diploma/Master
Malte Stender Kalibrierung der Jetmasse in CMS Sep 2015 Bachelor
Steffen Albrecht Studie zur Suche nach geladenen Higgs Bosonen mit dem CMS Detektor Sep 2015 Bachelor
Benedikt Mehmel Search for a heavy pseudoscalar higgs with a di-τ and di-jet final state at a center of mass enegy √s=13 TeV with the CMS experiment Sep 2015 Bachelor
Felix Giese Analytical methods for suppression of top-induced background in the dileptonic final state of H → hh → bbττ Sep 2015 Bachelor
Torben Lange Dynamic extensions of kinematic fits for the higgs reconstruction at the LHC Sep 2015 Bachelor
Pascal Stienemeier Reconstruction of the W-boson and top-quark mass removing the influence of additional radiation Sep 2015 Bachelor
Denis Rathjens Jet energy calibration and a search for supersymmetry with vector boson fusion channel like sign di-tau final states Jul 2015 PhD
Sven Rieper Polarisation of τ Leptons in Higgs and Z decays at the LHC Jul 2015 Bachelor
Juliana Franz Search for decays of new heavy Higgs particles into leptons at the LHC Jul 2015 Bachelor
Markus Seidel Precise measurement of the top-quark mass at the CMS experiment using the ideogram method Jun 2015 PhD
Laurens Stephan Measurement of the Decay Width of the Top Quark in the Semileptonic Channel May 2015 Diploma/Master
Torben Dreyer Studies for the measurement of the jet mass in fully merged hadronic top quark decays May 2015 Diploma/Master
Svenja Schumann Interpretation of SUSY searches at 7 and 8 TeV and projections for 14 TeV Apr 2015 Diploma/Master
Dennis Schwarz Suche nach in ein Top-Quark und ein Myon zerfallende Leptoquarks bei einer Schwerpunktsenergie von 8 TeV mit Hilfe des CMS-Detektors Mar 2015 Bachelor
Nelson Nelle Prospects for Searches for Gluino Decays with Jets and Missing Transverse Energy with the CMS detector at 14 TeV Mar 2015 Bachelor
Malte Mrowietz Improvement of the Tau Lepton Identification using Lifetime Information Mar 2015 Bachelor
Paul Asmuss Combinatorics in the Reconstruction of ttbar Events at CMS Mar 2015 Bachelor
Jan Hofmann Interpretation of the OSSF di-lepton Mass edge at 8 TeV Mar 2015 Bachelor
Kristin Goebel Probing supersymmetry based on precise jet measurementsat the CMS experiment Feb 2015 PhD
Simon Kurz Estimation of the Irreducible Z → νν Background for Searches with Jets and Missing Transverse Momentum at CMS Nov 2014 Diploma/Master
Henning Kirschenmann Jet Energy Scale Corrections and their Impact on Measurements of Top-Quark Mass at CMS Nov 2014 PhD
Marc Gensch Investigation of Afterpulse Effect in Silicon Photomultipliers Oct 2014 Bachelor
Kristina Klafka Optimization studies for Top-Squark searches with the CMS-Experiment at √s=13 TeV Oct 2014 Bachelor
Khai Ton That Surface resistances in silicon sensors Oct 2014 Bachelor
Dominik Brüske Investigation of the field dependance of the injection of positive charges into the SiO₂ at the Si-SiO₂ interface Oct 2014 Bachelor
Niklas Pietsch Search for Supersymmetry in Final States with a Single Lepton, B-Quark Jets, and Missing Transverse Energy at the CMS experiment Oct 2014 PhD
Jörn Schwandt Radiation Hard Silicon Pixel Sensor for X-ray Science Sep 2014 PhD
Ryan David Stark Supersymmetry and dark matter at the LHC Sep 2014 Bachelor
Nils Roth Search for the decay of a Heavy Higgs in two lighter Higgs with the CMS Experiment Sep 2014 Diploma/Master
Andriy Borovkov Search for lepton flavour violating decays of the higgs boson Sep 2014 Bachelor
Carina Brandt Search for the supersymmetric partner of the tau-lepton at the Large Hadron Collider decaying via the electron-myon-channel Aug 2014 Bachelor
Mathilde Gallistl Examination of the coupling from Higgs to Taus with the CMS detector at LHC Aug 2014 Bachelor
Marius Hoffmann Estimation of the Z->nunu background for fully hadronic SUSY searches with >CMS at sqrt(s) = 8 TeV Aug 2014 Bachelor
Martin Görner Differential Cross Sections for Top-Quark-Pair Production in the e / µ + Jets Final State at √s = 8 TeV in CMS Aug 2014 PhD
Eike Schlieckau Measurement of Top-Quark Mass and Inclusive Top-Quark-Pair Production Cross Section in pp Collisions at √s = 7/8 TeV with CMS Aug 2014 PhD
Christoph Andreas Garbers Top-Quark Reconstruction with the Missing Transverse Momentum in the Fully Hadronic Decay at the LHC Jul 2014 Bachelor
Alexandra Tews Measurement of the Jet Energy Resolution at the CMS Experiment in Top-Quark Pair Events Jul 2014 Bachelor
Andreas Kell Suche nach skalaren Leptoquarks der dritten Generation im Zerfallskanal $LQ_3 \to t\tau$ am LHC Jun 2014 Diploma/Master
Joachim Erfle Irradiation study of different silicon materials for the CMS tracker upgrade May 2014 PhD
Chen Xu Study of the Silicon Photomultipliers and Their Applications in Positron Emission Tomography May 2014 PhD
Marc Stöver Messung des $t\bar{t}$-Wirkungsquerschnitts bei hohen invarianten Massen am LHC May 2014 Diploma/Master
Sonja Meike Jaster-Merz Untersuchung der Eigenschaften von Ketek Silizium-Fotovervielfachern als Funktion der Luftfeuchtigkeit (Characterization of Silicon Photomultipliers as a Function of Humidity) Apr 2014 Bachelor
Christian Henkel Impact of low dose electron irradiation on the chargecollection of n + p silicon strip sensors Feb 2014 Bachelor
Lisa Steppat Single-Channel Calibration for an Imaging Hadron Calorimeter Feb 2014 Bachelor
Daniel Gonzalez Vazquez Suche nach $t\bar{t}$-Resonanzen mit dem CMS-Detektor Dec 2013 Diploma/Master
Simon Bohlen B-tagging optimisation studies in SUSY events with photons and missing energy at CMS Oct 2013 Bachelor
Jan Oliver Rieger Search for lepton-flavour violating decays of Higgs boson at the LHC with the CMS detector Oct 2013 Bachelor
Arne Reimers Optimization of top-tagging algorithms at the LHC Oct 2013 Bachelor
Finn Feindt b-Jet Identifikation in Jet-Substruktur mit dem CMS Experiment am LHC Sep 2013 Bachelor
David Chan Channel characterization for a single detector crystal Aug 2013 Bachelor
Serge Rosen Effizienzstudien des CMS Top-Taggers für stark geboostete Top-Quarks Aug 2013 Bachelor
Wolf Lukas Hellweg Radiation Damage on Hamamatsu S10943 Silicon Photomultipliers Aug 2013 Bachelor
Mehdi Hamoumi Study of the Z boson polarization asymmetry in processes with Z + b quark interaction Aug 2013 Diploma/Master
Thomas Pöhlsen Charge Losses in Silicon Sensors and Electric-Field Studies at the Si-SiO2 Interface Jun 2013 PhD
Mareike Meyer Search for third-generation scalar leptoquarks decaying into a top quark and a tau lepton with the CMS detector Jun 2013 Diploma/Master
Jiaguo Zhang X-ray Radiation Damage Studies and Design of a Silicon Pixel Sensor for Science at the XFEL May 2013 PhD
Jörn Lange Differential Top-Quark-Pair Cross Sections in pp Collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 7$ TeV with CMS and Charge Multiplication in Highly-Irradiated Silicon Sensors May 2013 PhD
Ole Brandt The degradation of the charge collection effciency of irradiated silicon strip sensors May 2013 Bachelor
Annika Vanhoefer Search for Supersymmetry at the LHC with Multivariate Analysis Techniques Mar 2013 Diploma/Master
Torben Dreyer Nutzung multivariater Analysemethoden zur Optimierung von Top-Tagging-Algorithmen Mar 2013 Bachelor
Coralie Neubüser Impact of Irradiations by Protons with di fferent Energies on Silicon Sensors Jan 2013 Diploma/Master
Gregor Hurtig Myon- und Elektroneffizienzen in Drell-Yan Ereignissen am LHC Nov 2012 Bachelor
Matthias Schröder Quality of Jet Measurements and Impact on a Search for New Physics at CMS Nov 2012 PhD
Esther Bender Effizienz des Taulepton-Nachweises beim CMS Detektor für Leptoquark-Produktion Nov 2012 Bachelor
Malte Hoffmann Search for Supersymmetry in final states with photons, jets and missing energy Oct 2012 Diploma/Master
Paul Gwozdz Search for a heavy Standard Model Higgs boson in the semileptonic decay channel at the CMS Experiment Sep 2012 Diploma/Master
Evangelos Nagel Comparison of Two Methods to Determine the Trapping Time of Charge Carriers in Irradiated Silicon-Detectors Jul 2012 Bachelor
Hauke Hölbe Search for a Higgs boson at the LHC in the semileptonic decay of two W bosons May 2012 Diploma/Master
Henning Kröhnke Aufbau eines ß -Messstandes zur Untersuchung von Strahlenschäden an Silizium -Sensoren May 2012 Diploma/Master
Friederike Nowak Search for Supersymmetry with Jets, Missing Transverse Momentum, and a Single Tau at CMS May 2012 PhD
Jan Thomsen Search for Supersymmetry in the Hadronic Channel with Data from the CMS Experiment Apr 2012 PhD
Andreas Kell Search for a Higgs-Boson in Final States with Z-Bosons at the LHC Apr 2012 Bachelor
Ulla Gebbert Photons, Missing Energy and the Quest for Supersymmetry at the LHC Mar 2012 PhD
Theo Bröker Optimization of the data-driven QCD Background Prediction with the Rebalance and Smear Method Mar 2012 Diploma/Master
Holger Enderle Momentum Bias Determination in the Tracker Alignment and First Differential tt Cross Section Measurement at CMS Jan 2012 PhD
Markus Seidel Measurement of Top Quark Mass and Jet Energy Scale at the CMS Experiment using the Ideogram Method Dec 2011 Diploma/Master
Denis Rathjens Particle Reconstruction at the LHC using Jet Substructure Algorithms Dec 2011 Diploma/Master
Kolja Kaschube Search for Stable Stau Production at the LHC Sep 2011 PhD
Benedikt Mura Determination of Supersymmetric Particle Masses at the LHC using Kinematic Fits Sep 2011 PhD
Martin Stieben Search for the Higgs-Boson in the two photon decay channel Aug 2011 Bachelor
Jula Draeger Track Based Alignment of the CMS Silicon Tracker and its Implication on Physics Performance Aug 2011 PhD
Alexandra Junkes Influence of radiation induced defect clusters on silicon particle detectors Jul 2011 PhD
Hanno Perrey Jets at Low Q² at HERA and Radiation Damage Studies for Silicon Sensors for the XFEL Jun 2011 PhD
Sebastian Naumann-Emme Simultaneous Measurement of Top Quark Mass and Jet Energy Scale Using Template Fits at the CMS Experiment Jun 2011 PhD
Wolfgang Schmitz Search for supersymmetry with $\tau$-leptons at the LHC Jun 2011 Diploma/Master
Victor Darius Danescu Construction of a measurement - station for Silicon-Strip-Detectors (ALIBAVA) Jun 2011 Diploma/Master
Nadja Hüdepohl Search for new Physics beyond the Standard Model with Photons in the Final State at the LHC May 2011 Diploma/Master
Henning Kirschenmann Exploitation of Jet Properties for Energy Scale Corrections for the CMS Calorimeters Dec 2010 Diploma/Master
Coralie Neubüser Untersuchungen zur Stromgenerierung eines strahleninduzierten Defektes in Silizium (The mechanism of current generation in irradiated silicon diodes) Nov 2010 Bachelor
Martin Görner Messung von Myonen, Jets und Top-Quarks mit dem CMS-Detektor am LHC Nov 2010 Diploma/Master
Eike Schlieckau First Candidates of Top Quark Events in the Fully Hadronic Decay Channel at the LHC Oct 2010 Diploma/Master
Jörg Behr Jets at High Q² at HERA and Test Beam Measurements with the EUDET Pixel Telescope Sep 2010 PhD
Shahram Aryan Bestimmung von Myon-Selektionseffizienzen aus Ereignissen mit Top-Antitop-Quark-Paaren am LHC Jul 2010 Diploma/Master
Christian Blohm Search for Decaying Neutralinos at HERA and Clustering Optimisation for the ZEUS Micro Vertex Detector Mar 2010 PhD
Björn Kolodzey Studie zur Flavour-Abhängigkeit von Jet-Korrekturen zum CMS-Kalorimeter bei LHC Feb 2010 Diploma/Master
Thorben Theedt Measurement of Dijet Cross Sections in Deep Inelastic ep Scattering at HERA Nov 2009 PhD
Florian Bechtel The Underlying Event in Proton-Proton Collisions May 2009 PhD
Hannes Schettler Kinematic Fits to Determine Masses of Supersymmetric Particles at LHC Apr 2009 Diploma/Master
Lukasz Kreczko Estimation of QCD Multijet Background for Top Antitop Events from Data Mar 2009 Diploma/Master
Sergei Bobrovskyi Experimental Application of QCD Antennas Mar 2009 Diploma/Master
Erik Butz Calibration, Alignment and Long-Term Performance of the CMS Silicon Tracking Detector Feb 2009 PhD
Frank Hönniger Radiation Damage in Silicon - Defect Analysis and Detector Properties - Jan 2008 PhD