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Girls' Day 2014

"Was die Welt im Innersten zusammenhält"

The Collaborative Research Center SFB 676 "Particles, Strings and the Early Universe" invited pupils on this years Girls' Day to immerse themselves into the fascinating world of particle physics. Eight girls followed this invitation. They were coming from various schools, not only out of Hamburg but also out of Buchholz, Lüneburg, Uetersen and Quickborn.

After a short welcome lecture about DESY, the pupils were guided by Laura Sagunski (PhD student, DESY-Theory) and Dr. Holger Enderle (Postdoc, Institute of Experimental Physics, Hamburg University) across the Campus Bahrenfeld to three different places where SFB researchers explained exciting facts about experimental and theoretical particle physics and answered their questions.

HERA Tour with Gudrid Moortgat-Pick

Deep down in the HERA tunnel, the girls were very impressed by the huge dimensions of the machine. Prof. Gudrid Moortgat-Pick (II. Institute for Theoretical Physics, Hamburg University) explained principles of accelerators and detectors in an easily comprehensible way to all participants (12-15 years). They were very interested in taking pictures and asking lots of questions about the construction and the operation of the facility.

Visiting a Lab with Michael Matysek

Of course, the girls did not miss out on funny things to do, either. In the laboratory, the pupils could conduct some research themselves. Michael Matysek (Technical staff, Institute of Experimental Physics, Hamburg University) performed to be the quizmaster of the day by showing X-ray images of various objects to the girls who enjoyed guessing what they were seeing. They also learned about particles coming from the cosmos and how to make them visible.

Physics Discussion with Rutger Boels

After the lunch break, concentrativeness was required. JProf. Rutger Boels (II. Institute for Theoretical Physics, Hamburg University) made the pupils speculate about particles leading to a lively discussion with many interesting questions about characteristics of particles, the structure of matter, and the existence of mankind. He was supported by Dr. Isabella Bierenbaum (Postdoc, II. Institute for Theoretical Physics, Hamburg University).

The final highlight of the day was the girls' visit to the DESY physics show where they could act as an accelerator to experience its principle at first hand. They were very amazed by the effect of liquid nitrogen on flowers and by the levitation of a superconductor on a magnet railway.

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