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Families & Careers in Physics: What you always wanted to know and never dared to ask

This seminar focuses on how to combine a career in physics with family obligations. Each week, a different topic is discussed, like existing programmes, best practice examples in science and industry, career strategies, supporting measures and career management. The presentations will be held in English by invited experts, who will be available for questions by the participants of the seminar.

Location: SR 4b, Campus Bahrenfeld
Start Time: 14:00

Oct 21

Equal Opportunity at DESY
Sylvie Faverot-Spengler (Equal Opportunity Commissioner DESY)
[ pdf ]

Oct 28

Equal Opportunity at Universität Hamburg
Prof. Britta Ramminger (Equal Opportunity Commissioner Universität Hamburg)

Nov 4

Future Equal Opportunity Strategies at Universität Hamburg
Prof. Jetta Frost (Vice President of Universität Hamburg)
Note the unusual location: SR 2/2a

Nov 11

Inside out Science: Family and Career in Industry
Dr. Monika Marquart (Berenberg Bank)

Nov 18

Nov 20 Scientific Career and Parenthood
More information and registration

Nov 25

The Inside Story: Mothers in Science
Dr. Valentina Sola (UHH) [ pdf ], Dr. Lea Steder (DESY) [ pdf ]

Dec 2

The Inside Story: Fathers in Science
Dr. Oscar Stål (Stockholm University) [ pdf ], Dr. Lukas Vanelderen (UHH) [ pdf ]
Note the unusual location: SR 1

Dec 9

The view outside: Family and Career in the Netherlands
Dr. Anna Watts (University of Amsterdam) [ pdf ]
Note the unusual location: SR 1

Dec 16

Communication: Family and Leadership

Dr. Tanja Meyer-Treschan (Düsseldorf) [ pdf ]
Note the unusual location: SR 7A/7

Jan 13

Career Center and Family Office
Anna Born and Frauke Narjes (Career Center) [ pdf ], Carolin Steinat (Family Office)

Jan 20

The view outside: Families and Careers at CERN
Genevieve Guinot (Diversity Programme Leader at CERN) [ pdf ]
Note the unusual location: SR 1

Jan 27

Future Equal Opportunity Strategies at DESY
Prof. Helmut Dosch (DESY Director) [ pdf ]

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