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Lecture Courses

For a general overview see the structure of lecture courses.

The following courses are offered in the winter term 2015/16:

Lecture Courses (at Campus Bahrenfeld)

Experiments on Physics beyond the Standard Model

C. Sander Mon 9:15-10:00, SR 2/Bldg. 2a
Wed 10:00-10:45, SR 2/Bldg. 2a
Fri 9:15-10:00, SR 2/Bldg. 2a

Phenomenology of Physics beyond the Standard Model

G. Moortgat-Pick Mon 10:00-10:45, SR 2/Bldg. 2a
Wed 9:15-10:00, SR 2/Bldg. 2a
Fri 10:00-10:45, SR 2/Bldg. 2a

Theoretical Cosmology

T. Konstandin, G. Servant Mon 11:15-12:45, SR 2/Bldg. 2a
Wed 11:15-12:45, SR 2/Bldg. 2a

Introduction to Supersymmetry and Supergravity

J. Louis
Tue 9:15-10:45, SR 2/Bldg. 2a
Fri 11:15-12:45, SR 2/Bldg. 2a

Quantum Chromodynamics

M. Diehl Thu 9:15-10:45, SR 2/Bldg. 2a

Higgs Physics

S. Liebler,
G. Weiglein
Thu 11:15-12:45, SR 2/Bldg. 2a
Seminars (at Campus Bahrenfeld)

Workshop Seminar: Particles, Strings and the Early Universe

W. Buchmüller, T. Konstandin, J. Louis,
A. Westphal
Tue 11:00-12:30, SR 2/Bldg. 2a

Presentation of Scientific Results

J. Louis Mon 14:30-16:00, SR 7/Bldg. 7
Other Lectures (at Department of Physics Jungiusstr. 9)

General Theory of Relativity

B. Bahr Wed 10:15-11:45, HS III
Fri 10:15-11:45, HS III

Quantum Field Theory I

G. Arutyunov Mon 12:00-13:30, HS III
Wed 12:00-13:30, HS III

Further research seminars can be found in the Events/Seminars section.

Lectures in previous semesters:
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